The Holy Star

  • Post category:SHOWS (Duration 22 - for adults and children 10+) What was the Star of Bethlehem? A miracle, a myth, or an authentic celestial event? The Holy Star delves into a…

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Imagine The Moon

  • Post category:SHOWS (Duration 26 - for adults and children 10+) When was the last time you looked at the Moon? The Moon gives rhythm to our days, inspiration for our stories,…

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Asteroid Itokawa. Credit: JAXA


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If you look at a model of the Solar System there is a large gap between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. That gap puzzled astronomers centuries ago. In 1596 Johannes…

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There is a strange kind of lightning, only discovered in 1989, that is purely understood. It is called SPRITE* – lightning that shoot up to space. Εlectrical discharges from the top…