Let us take you on a jurney to the stars

Discover through the eyepiece of a telescope, what is out there!

Telescope Observations Nights 🔭🔭

Events only with telescopes, without the installation of the dome and planetarium shows. Immerse yourself in stargazing with sophisticated telescopes, as our expert guides share the science and stories of the Night Sky.


All over Greece and anywhere in the World if invited. We come to your place. The darker the better, but even in places with light pollution, even in the city(!), we can observe deep sky objects thanks to our high-tech telescopes.

The place must be accessible by car. The event can also take place in a location accessible only by foot, without chairs, with one telescope the eVscope which can be carried in a backpack.


  • Duration: 1 – 2 hours.
  • Start: 21:30 summer, 20:00 spring & autumn, 18:30 winter
  • Observe the Moon and the Planets should they be in the sky.
  • Observe bright stars and see star colours. What are the stars made of?
  • Red Giants and White Dwarfs – share the science and stories of the Night Sky.
  • Green Laser Constellation Tour – connection to Greek Mythology.
  • The Milky Way – probably the best naked eye wonder.
  • Deep Sky Observation – thanks to our high-tech telescopes 🔭🔭 we’ll observe a variety of deep sky objects: star clusters, nebulae, other distant galaxies – some even colliding – each containing 100s of billions of stars
  • Save images of the Cosmos directly on your mobile phone.
  • We provide chairs for everyone.
  • Perfect for beginners and suitable for ages 6 and up

* Full moon nights are not ideal for observations, nevertheless with our high-tech telescopes even then we can observe deep sky objects, along with the magic of the rising full moon.

During an astro tour night we set up two telescopes:

  • A Smith-Casegrain 8” (20cm) for observing Planets, the Moon and bright stars.
  • The new technology eVscope, an incredibly powerful telescope for observing deep sky objects – star clusters, nebulae, other distant galaxies – even from urban environments.
  • With this high-tech telescope you can save images of the Cosmos directly on your mobile phone.

Prepare to be amazed!


We start by observing the Moon and the Planets should they be in the sky. We adjust the magnification to see the craters up close on the Moon. The rings of Saturn gives us a 3D perspective of the planet. On Jupiter we see the belts and the zones, along with it’s four largest satellites Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede.

As it gets darker more and more stars appears in the sky. We aim bright stars and see star colours. What are the stars made of? How do they produce all that energy? We explore stellar evolution – sun like stars, white dwarfs, red giants and super giants that one day will explode as supernova.

Green Laser Constellation Tour. Connection to Greek and World Mythology. Learn how to find Polaris.

While sharing the science and stories of the night sky, we start our deep sky tour with a planetary nebula, the death remnant of a Sun like star. And continue with a variety of targets, nebulae, star clusters and other distant galaxies each containing 100s of billions of stars.

Dress warmly

Even in Summer it can get cold during the night, DRESS WARMLY especially at high altitude for a pleasant experience!


  • € 160 for a group of 1 – 4 persons.
  • € 30 for every extra person for 5 – 8 persons.
  • € 20 for every extra person for 9 – 15 persons.
  • € 10 for every extra person for 16 – 30 persons.

* In addition to the above there are travel expenses, calculated at €0.55 per km from our base in Ioannina plus boat tickets, tolls, accommodation, food and extra days cost if necessary.

** Children 6 – 12 get a 50% discount, no cost for children under 6.

Contact US

email 📧  planetariumotg@gmail.com

mobile 📲 +30 6972 208 032  Konstantinos Sakkas

mobile 📲 +30 6979 116 676  Christos Sakkas

But what if it is cloudy?

If the weather forecast is bad you can postpone or cancel the event (even at the same  morning for Epirus region). If the event is cancelled you get a full refund.

If we go to the observation site but we are unable to observe through the telescopes you get a 60% refund, except for travel expenses we have already made and can not be refunded. Still we’ll share the science and stories of the Night Sky.

Different seasons reveal different wonders in the night sky.

You can see photos through Astro Tours Greece telescopes in the below link:


All over Greece!

We are organising Astronomy Events 🔭🔭 since 2016 – we can come anywhere in Greece at the place of your preference. 

And anywhere in the World if invited!

If the event is taking place under a dark night sky, we can set up a DSLR and take a picture of you aiming the heavens with the green laser!

Prepare to be amazed!